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Titel: Kranti (ind. Titel)
deutscher Titel: Faisla - Die Entscheidung
(Krimi / Action)

Erscheinungstermin: 18.01.2002
Land / Jahr: Indien / 2001
Drehbuch: N. Maharajan
Kamera: Nirmal Jani
Regie: Naresh Malhotra
Produzent: Vicky Films Pvt. Ltd. / Vivek Kumar
Musik: Jatin-Lalit
Lyrics: Anand Bakshi
Weitere Credits: directed-edited by Naresh Malhotra, dialogue by Sanjay Masoom, art by Sharmishtha Roy, sound by Rakesh Ranjan, audiography by Sharmishta Roy

Darsteller: Bobby Deol - ACP Abhay Pratap Singh
Amisha Patel - Sanjana Roy
Vinod Khanna - Awadhesh Pratap Singh
weitere: Rati Agnihotri, Dalip Tahil, Pallavi Kulkarni, Madan Jain, Tej Sapru, Raj Zutishi, Tiku Talsania, Viju Khote, Dinesh Hingoo, Shiva, Veeru Krishnan, Aroon Bakshi, Ram Mohan, Pappu Polyester und Ankush Mohit. Om Puri hat einen Spezialauftritt.
Kabir Bedi als Rana Pratap

The Bobby Deol-Amisha Patel-Vinod Khanna starrer Kranti is the story of an honest father and son duo who have the same goals but believe in entirely different principles. Awadhesh Pratap Singh (Vinod Khanna) Commissioner of Police, is a man who believes in living life in accordance with certain principles.
His son, ACP Abhay Pratap Singh (Bobby Deol), lives life on his own terms and firmly believes that the laws made earlier were good for those times, but have to be modified to suit the modern times. He is waging a lone battle to bring about a revolution in changing the law. Abhay is in love with Sanjana Roy (Amisha Patel) who has just returned from abroad and is writing a thesis on Mumbai Police.
As in other Bollywood masala flicks, Kranti too has a villain in the form of a wealthy businessman Rana Pratap (Kabir Bedi), who will do anything to harm the people of India. When he realizes that he is being troubled by Abhay, he uses Awadhesh and gets ACP Abhay jailed for offences, which he has never even committed. Abhay's imprisonment shatters the family, especially his mother (Rati Agnihotri) who refuses to believe that her son has committed any crime. The father who is convinced that his son has become a criminal refuses to help, but his wife pressures him to bail out Abhay. Then follows the usual fight to defeat the evil. Abhay's father also sees Rana Pratap's real face. He understands the son's point of view and agrees to join him in the battle to root out the evil.
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Alternativer Titel: Faisla - The Decision (engl. Titel)

Kranti wurde während eines einwöchigen Drehs im Hotel Horizon und Örtlichkeiten in Mumbai aufgenommen. Lead man Bobby Deol and fighters participated in action scenes co-ordinated by Abbas Ali Moghul. A song-dance number was also canned in this schedule on Kashmira Shah and dancers. Currently Paul Weston, the internationally renowned stunt co-ordinator of three James Bond films and Sylvester Stallone starrer Daylight and action-director Abbas Ali from India are executing high-risk action scenes along with seemingly impossible thrills. Paul Weston has also called in his team of stunt scene experts from London for the filming.

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